Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Missing a Title

#1 - The sympathetic look and hug I received from the owner where I do yoga when she said, "Happy Valentine's Day" to me.  It was an opening to a deeper connection.

#2 - My friend  asked me for the third time if I still wanted to try aerial yoga with her.  Yes :)

#3-5 - The Minnesota state park system - and here I don't even mean the parks themselves which would be a whole other level of appreciation - I mostly mean the  MN state park system website.  I've been looking at the Iowa site today and granted  I have less familiarity but I really think the MN site is much better.  It is easy to locate parks in the first place on the MN site.  Then you can click on a park and get a basic summary, photos and highlights to see if the park interests you.  And then there are clear, precise and easy to read maps of the parks themselves with trails etc.  I'm having a hard time even getting some of the links to open on the Iowa site, and if they do I find the maps themselves unimpressive.  Who knew there was/is such skill in creating maps?  I used to hear people complain about Iowa - I thought unfairly.  I don't know if it is funding or what, but I can clearly see some areas of growth.

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