Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Injection of Sweetness

The majority of the time I reach out to my friends and initiate plans more than they reach out to me.  However today -

#1 - A friend finalized a date for us to try "aerial yoga" and said she'd sign us up.

#2 - Another friend called to ask if I would go for a walk this afternoon, someone in fact that I've never done such a thing with or spent much one on one time with.

#3 - Another friend called during lunch to ask how I was doing.  I said I felt a bit scrunched for time today as I'm not the greatest with spontaneity and since I've added this walk to my afternoon I didn't feel I had the space to talk much.  She said she didn't know why she was calling me because she had a bunch of things to do as well.  I felt relieved.  "Well maybe you called then just to give an injection of sweetness into my day?" I asked.  She agreed and told me she loved me.

#4 - After responding to a friend's email this morning and telling her, "be gentle with yourself," I realized this was advice I needed myself.  This led to listening to music that offered such energy to me.  I started with the Sea and the Shore by Amy Speace and then landed on Storyhill for quite a while.  This line from World Go Round really stuck with me in a new way today.

"Won't you,
let love, 
let you down?"

#5  - And from there I ended up at a song that I know I've posted here before with Storyhill and Ellis called "Doin Fine", but like a lot of poems and songs the past few months it hit me different today.

 It traveled deeper inside.

"It's good to understand where you are standing
 and it's good to know where you've been
 and it's good to work through the tough times 
and let the lessons start to sink in

I think we're able to let go of more baggage
 than we give ourselves credit for
and the sunrise saying hello in the morning time
makes me believe that more and more..."

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