Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Buddha's Jewels

This yummi dinner, "Buddha's Jewels" and "Armenian Green Beans."

The New Recipes from the Moosewood cookbook where I got the previous recipes.

Opening my principal food storage cupboard, easily finding what I wanted and not having things trying to fall out.
(I organized it yesterday.)

Having parsley in the garden.
Whenever I buy parsley for a recipe it almost always calls for 1/4 cup (exactly what the recipe called for today) and then I have this whole thing of extra parsley that often isn't used. That is why parsley I find to be a very useful item to have a small plant of in the garden.

How soft my hair feels today.
(I have concluded this is because I went swimming yesterday, in a lake, and have not washed my hair since. A similar thing happened previously this Summer, thank you lake water.)

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