Friday, July 8, 2011


In rethinking how we might create our world - there could be a lot of new career options. For example, there is a woman who calls herself a "Joyologist". She might be one of the first, because if you google it she will come up pretty fast, but I certainly believe and hope she won't be the last.

Anyway, tonight I was thinking one of my careers might be as a "Reminderer," doesn't have quite the ring of "Joyologist," but it's the word I've got for now. This is my first draft of my job description - the things I would remind you of -


*What You Have
*To Search For and See Beauty
*What Matters
*You Don't Have to Travel Far to Feel Like You Are in a New World
*To Practice Gratitude
*Take Care of Your Health - It is Important because You Are Important
*Enjoy Nature
*Find Something You Enjoy that Creates Space
*What Wealth is, Looks Like and Feels Like

This might seem a little out there, but upon further reflection a lot of money is paid daily to remind us:

*of what we don't have
*of what is missing
*to buy things
*to take pills
*of what will help make - our hair shine, our teeth white, our skin clear, our legs smooth...

Since there is a whole industry based on these reminders - a whole industry that at one point in time not too long ago didn't exist. This whole industry was somehow dreamed into existence. Tonight I am dreaming another one.


There could be daily reminders, for example,

If you happen to be blessed enough to live a reasonable distance from a relatively clean body of water,
I would like to remind you to

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