Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Motivation for Diaper Change

#2671 - There is a large lake near where I live that takes a couple hours to walk around. Some years I have walked around it once a week. Sometimes I love walking by myself. Sometimes I get tired of it. This year I haven't walked around it much, in a good way, I've done other things, but last week when the weather turned cooler it made me long for that long walk, and yet I didn't feel like going alone. I asked a friend that came to mind, thinking it wasn't likely. The last time she took that walk with me she was pregnant, over two years ago. She came though (and as usual she kicked me butt, she walks fast.)

#2672 - I thought this posture in the stroller demonstrated deep relaxation, but I didn't interrupt our walk to take a photo of it. When we finished I grabbed the shot and right after he pulled his foot down.

#2573 - How my friend motivated her child to come for a diaper change. The first time she found a rock in the car (that he had put there) and asked him to come see it. The second time she found two sticks for him to come check out :)

#2574 - That my friend has found more books she doesn't want to put down (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series).

#2575 - That she took two cucumbers home with her. (I gave three to my soccer team on Sunday but I am still overwhelmed by the production of our single cucumber plant!)

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