Monday, August 1, 2011

New Weekly Schedule

  • Finding some websites that articulated much better than I could why I don't use plastic water bottles. (I couldn't explain it well to a friend on Saturday).
  • Using this website that lets you find a radius to a location on a map for work. The supposed "free" website would at certain (unpredictable) instances take you to an ad. It reminded me how it might feel to sit at a roulette table - would something suddenly happen? It was suspenseful (tiring but engaging).
  • I tried freezing some yogurt with fruit in it, inspired by a friend. Interesting.
  • After taking a break from the computer while visiting friends recently, I wondered if I wanted to post less often. Why we do things is so tricky at times. I remember a prominent yoga teacher, Shiva Rea, saying once that what frees us can also become our prison. Right around the time I was thinking about this Jason Mraz (my favorite blogger) wrote that he was taking a break.
  • I still wondered about it though, then when I thought about posting about once a week (rotating the day I write) - I felt a deep feeling of peace.
So that is the new plan.

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