Saturday, September 10, 2011


#2891 - Displaying a new piece of artwork (my second acrylic painting.) Like the first, it was done with the materials and assistance of a second cousin. I picked a much simpler subject this time (a flower). The green background is vibrant next to my orange walls.

#2892 - My Dad's similar sentiments to my own about the 9/11 anniversary.

#2893 - Soon after getting home from my aunt's wanting/needing to play my new song on guitar.

#2894 - Getting my aunt to go to her local farmer's market (where she was very excited about the produce she picked up and some goat's milk.)

#2895 - Asking my aunt what kind of tree was behind her kitchen. "Let me tell you about that tree," she said. "It wasn't growing and I was going to mow over it with the lawn mower." [When I was a child] "You told me, 'You can't do that,' so I didn't, soon after it started growing. Tammy, it has the most glorious flowers in the springtime."

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  1. You know I have heard similar stories (a couple from my mother) about people who wanted to throw away a plant or cut a tree because they didn't bear flowers, but who at the last moment said: "ok, I give you one more year, if you don't flourish then, you're out"
    and yes, the year after, the plant/tree in question was full of flowers.

    I know it's nonsense, but I like to imagine that these trees are messing around with people, that they keep us waiting and then when they got the attention or fun they wanted, they say "ok ok, now let's get to work"

    makes me smile