Friday, October 28, 2011

Being Seen

  • The autumnal light out my window.
  • An unexciting/unappealing walk through my neighborhood made beautiful by the presence and conversation of a friend.
  • Being seen/known. My friend told my niece she was beautiful and then added, "Tammy won't like that. You're smart too. But I told my boy he was beautiful too, because he was." This was not the first time this friend has known what I would think without my speaking a word. And though I certainly would not have been upset in this instance, the fact that she knew this thought too would cross my mind is a gift.
  • Cracking myself up as I turned my niece back and forth to music as if she were in a music. (I knew how she was going to move, but the expressions that would accompany the movements kept surprising.)
  • Almost giving up on a book because I wasn't that into it, but not having something better to read at the moment it redeemed itself tonight, partially because of the sweet simple romances that have cropped up inside.

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