Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Market Instability

  • On the October 25th The Story, episode, it said that the "winner effect" could explain financial market instability and that hormones have an enormous influence on the behavior of traders - a testosterone feedback loop. "It is entirely possible that bubbles are a young male phenomenon, and if that's the case the way to stabilize the market is, you might call it endocrine diversity on the trading floor, which would mean having more women and older men, because they have very different physiologies and hormones than young males." John Coates (former trader now neuroscience researcher)
  • Wow. I've heard a lot of postulating on improving the "market," but this is the first time I actually thought someone had some original and practical ideas!
  • The second half of The Story was about 6 members of an isolated tribe in Papua New Guinea visiting England. I clicked on the link to the documentary and there went my evening, in a unexpected fascinating way.
  • "Why are there more money houses than spirit houses?" asked the chief in England.
  • Why are you doing this, leaving the house every day and not seeing the people you really care about? - another paraphrased question.

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