Saturday, June 23, 2012


#1 - Completing the journey to visit my friend without the use of a car.  I took the bus downtown, then the Greyhound to her small town in MN, and then walked to her house (it was only a little over a mile).  Today on the way home I did the reverse.

#2 - Wearing the one dress I saved from my mother which fits perfectly and was clearly handmade.  I am not sure by who, my grandma?

#3 - Talking to my friend about a partner that I would have interesting discussions with but who would also make me laugh.  She said since she has young kids the interesting discussions have kind of taken a backseat, but she imagined/hoped they would come back when her kids were a little older.  I later realized I could personally relate to this because it doesn't just happen with partners.  It is often the case for me with my friends with young kids as well.

#4 - When I was walking downtown to my bus to take me home I saw someone I knew and I got an unexpected hug.

#5 - In the media (non-satirical) section of The Onion June 21, 2012 - this quote from musician Fiona Apple.

"It pisses me off to think that we're conditioned to push away bad feelings and to think that anything that's uncomfortable is something to be avoided," she told Pitchfork in a recent interview.  "The worst pain in the world is shame.  I spend a lot of time trying to not do anything bad to anyone, but you can't live your life and not hurt people."

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