Thursday, June 7, 2012

Like a Man

#1- Adjusting the rhubarb muffin recipe, so they actually look and taste like muffins. (I doubled the recipe but did not quite double the rhubarb, last time they were more like mush).

 #2- I thought I was going to Common Ground meditation center tonight, but I suspect the people I was going with (from where I take yoga), decided to meet and leave earlier than originally planned? If that was the case I'm actually glad I didn't know what time they were leaving because then I would have felt rushed. I had exactly the time I needed to make dinner (even though it appears I missed my planned event).

 #3- I had 9 items waiting for me at the library today so I figured I'd better go pick them up. I was excited about the variety - a couple maps, camping info, a memoir and a piece of fiction, a CD (Like a Man by Adam Cohen), and a DVD.

#4 - The DVD was Letting Go of God by Julia Sweeney. I listened to her 15 minute TED talk and I really enjoyed it. It was the beginning of a longer monologue, which happily the library had. I find it to be insightful and entertaining.

 #5 - I am grateful for people coming over in a couple days which helped motivate me to not just vacuum the rugs in the entry way, but to take them outside and wash the floor beneath them.  I'm not usually excited to clean, but I always feel good after I do it.

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