Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Literary Speed Dating

At lunchtime I emailed a friend - 
"I have been meaning to complain to you all morning I just haven't taken the time to do it yet..."

He replied, "Go ahead! I'm all ears." So that will be gratitude #1.

At least two months ago, I signed up for a speed dating event at the library (scheduled for next Wednesday), but alas I discovered this AM that the event had been cancelled because of a lack of men (I called to find out the reason why).  This sent me into a tailspin of negativity.  Here is a section of the complaint email I eventually wrote -

"I tried EHarmony for a year, I tried regular speed dating a couple times, I’ve tried people suggested by friends, I've tried doing nothing (a lot).  I’ve tried doing things that interest me (and of course still will do that just because I want to), but the library speed dating thing was hopeful.  And not even that I would meet a man I was interested in, but rather just that there was a possibility and that it would be an interesting novel evening regardless."

The first person I told about my disappointment was a co-worker.  After I explained the whole situation she asked what book I would have brought.  For a favorite book I would pick, A Year with Rumi - Coleman Barks or The Prophet -Kahlil Gibran.  She said that was setting a "high bar" which totally depressed me because it is just my favorite books and if they disqualify too many people how will anyone qualify?  But then again, come on.  The Prophet has been in continuous print for nearly 100 years, I am not the only person who loves that book!! (This is will be gratitude #2 - this reminder to myself.)

#3 - Then I emailed a guy friend of mine who was originally interested in the event but I don't think ever signed up - "They cancelled the library speed dating event next Wednesday because they couldn't get enough men!  You were supposed to help me out!  (Obviously you couldn't have saved the event by yourself, but I'm bummed about it.)"  Writing this email made me smile.

#4 - When I told my sister-in-law she acted more disappointed than I was.

#5 - And then there is this poem which came to me while I was listening to a song called Love by Edie Carey. 

Will you just listen to me
Will you tell me to stop when there is no more to hear
Will you just hold me
Will you tell me to stop
When there is no more to be held
Will you just be here
When here is beside me and beneath me and above me
And around
Will you just
Be just
Will you just

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