Tuesday, September 11, 2012


#1 - The biker who stopped and helped me get my chain unstuck, right at the point were I was approaching giving up and trying to come up with an alternative plan.

#2 - That the chain got stuck on a pedestrian/bike bridge which made it more likely something like this would happen.

#3 - I walked to the end of the alley with my friend's three year old as he rode his mini-bike. On the way back (it was less than a block), he didn't want to ride. He wanted me to carry his bike. I told him it was his bike. He pushed it a bit and then started getting annoyed. I said, "We can rest here for a bit." So we sat down at the back of a garage at the edge of the alleyway. The child started playing. After about five minutes I was tempted to say, "Let's go," but then stopped myself. The child was playing with a thin layer of dirt, a few sticks, a decorative piece of woodwork (that had fallen off something)...having a great time. Soon enough I was having a great time too.

#4 - He started to gently comb my hair with one of the sticks and it felt really relaxing.

#5 - Whatever stopped my from my impulse to say, "Let's go" and redirected me to the enjoyable moment I was already having.

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