Thursday, September 27, 2012

Painting the Sidewalk with Water

#1 - When a Krishna Das comes on in yoga, I automatically start breathing deeper. Today I was already happy when one of his songs began and THEN it broke into this rapping part. It was awesome, devotional chanting and rap!

#2- My friend's mother agreeing to take a restorative yoga class with me this weekend.

#3 - Painting the Sidewalk with Water and Nothing to Grasp - these are appealing book titles from an author a friend told me I might like (Joan Tollifson.)

#4 - I received a love letter in the mail. From myself. The first time I recall writing a letter to myself was in my first poetry workshop ten years ago. The instructor had us write some sort of letter to ourselves, seal it in an envelope and said at some point we'd receive it, and I did. So it's not a new concept to me.

However, getting a letter in the mail, addressed to yourself, in your handwriting, that you do not recall writing (in this case) is a little weird. This time it was a love letter to myself, written on pink paper. It feels vaguely familiar, I would not be surprised if I read somewhere that instead of looking always outside for someone else to write you a love letter, to try it yourself, and that makes sense. Based on what I wrote, it was within the last couple years. The mystery though is WHO SENT IT TO ME? Obviously I either gave it to a friend...or did it in some other sort of class/workshop...who knows?

#5 - The letter is written on the front and back sides of a piece of paper, the back side feels empty to me/not really interesting, but the first few paragraphs on the front are quite specific and made me smile :).

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