Monday, September 3, 2012


Osprey sighting.  I only know it was an osprey because after the bird caught my attention with its call, I looked up and saw it perched next to a huge nest at the top of a tree.  As I tried to identify it I looked down and saw the path/dirt road turn off was labeled, "osprey house". 

"Go climb a tree."
a mother I overheard talking to her 7 year old as they were packing up their campsite. It seems parents are often scared to let their kids do things like climb a tree.

I stopped and ate my lunch at a park I'd driven by but never visited, where the Rum River enters the Mississippi.

Watching my niece's intense absorption as she tried to clip her stroller strap after she was taken out and tried to walk around with my flip flop on one foot (she even got the toe hold at one point.)

I picked up a bag of trash that was at the top of a gutter drain.  I'd already passed by it at least three times and finally I picked it up today.  Since I already was carrying it I decided to pick up any recycling I passed as I I'm wondering if it was a "good deed" leads to "good deeds" kind of thing...there is a house down the street that has turned a small section of their lawn into an area to attract butterflies and other beneficial insects.  It actually looked pretty pitiful lately as everything is in such need of rain.  But as I walked past today I had a thought that has never occurred to me before, "I should mail them a card thanking them for creating that space on their lawn."  Even though it has been that way for a few years at least, it never occurred to me before.

(Pictures are from my trip a couple weeks ago, Mississippi River on Wisconsin/Iowa border, or WI/MN border on the middle one.)

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