Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Think It Is Cause I Was Willing

I woke up today with absolutely zero plans, sometimes this is a beautiful thing, today it did not feel that way.  I knew I was not going to be content with reading a book or taking time to play the guitar.  I knew this before I got out of bed, and I think the act, the single act, that saved my day was that I was willing.  I told life/God/the universe/whatever that I was flow with whatever my day might be.

One plan came to me of something to do, but it did not materialize.  I sat with that a bit and then decided to clean a little.  Which got me on a roll, the whole, "A body that is in motion tends to stay in motion," so then the shower needed cleaning and I decided to give a through scrubbing to the shower mat which really needed cleaning.  As I was doing this somewhat unpleasant task my niece came in and (#1) wanted to join.  So I got her another brush.  Before you know it she wanted to take off her shoes and really participate.

Then I have three shoes whose soles need glueing.  Two of them are ski boots and I wanted to fix them before putting them away for the summer.  I read the shoe goop instructions, the first step was to prepare the surface, clean the dirt etc away, which I did (#2) and left it to dry.

Then I have this little bag, about the size of a long wallet with a strap that is perfect for slinging over my shoulder when I am biking in the summer when I don't have pockets for keys etc.  There is a hole in the back of it I have used it so much.  I've been on the look-out for something like it at the thrift store, but I never see anything.  Today I cut a square from an old t-shirt and sewed it on the inside of the bag so the hole is covered (#3).

Then I was going to glue the shoes outside (vapors not good to breathe on Shoe Goop I guess) but I read further in the instructions and it said to use in 50-90 degrees and it will not be that warm today.  So I guess that one will have to wait, but I felt so good after just completing (or in one case starting) a few things that I'd meant to do for a long time that I could now be content reading and playing the guitar.

So I made a video of my newest song which is still in progress and the impulse to do this wasn't scary at all this time (#4). Yes it is a video and it took a long time to upload, but it seems to be a photo here. Oh well, I think the file is too large and I don't care enough to try and figure out how to fix this.

#5 - Okay it is almost 5pm and now, once again, I'm not sure what to do with the rest of my day. But I will turn on Prairie Home Companion and be willing for what will be to be.

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