Monday, April 29, 2013

Language Acquisition

#1 - The flexibility of 3 year olds. I couldn't find a hat to shield my friend's three year old from the sun, so I suggested he wear his swim trunks on his head (which I did find). He was fine with it, it worked and it looked a little bit like a chef hat (only cuter).

#2 - Speaking of hats, my niece was fascinated with two of hers today, putting one on, then the other, then pulling one over her face, then another. I love how she is content with the simplest things. For example, she really enjoys bus schedules. She opens them, closes them, examines them...

#3 - Some people get excited by first steps, I get excited by language. It is fun to watch what my niece understands. Today I told her to take off her shoes and she did, and as I sang a song with guitar I made a verse about the flower on her shirt and she looked at it, everyday she has more and more language.

#4 - Another example of this is she is starting to string two words together. Previously when she saw me she'd say, "Tammy," Just recently she said, "Hi, Tammy." Tonight I said, "One, Two hats." And she repeated, "Two hats."

#5 - YES! My niece's favorite word for quite a while has been, "No!" I thought maybe it was her personality, and it may be. However, maybe yes was just a harder word because she is saying it often now and I heard it today more than no.

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