Friday, April 5, 2013

If You Want Flowers, You Need Showers

#1 - As I walked home on what some people would call a dismal grey day, I realized I don't think I have ever heard my father, brother, mother or now sister-in-law complain about the weather!  How blessed I am.  I often focus on the people I hear complaining around me, instead of realizing the all the places where the complaint is absent.  My father gets excited sometimes, "A big storm's coming!"  My sister-in-law will sometimes say as a fact, "It's cold," but no complaints.

#2 - Actually my brother is the opposite he embraces and participates in all types of weather.  He is really mentally (and therefore physically I guess) tough.  In that way, definitely tougher than me.

#3- Instead of my regular every other week cleaning exchange with my local yoga studio I've been doing an eco-exchange - researching ways to green the operation.  So far I found out how we can (and will) buy renewable energy in the quantity used by the studio and how to switch to someone who washes the towels using environmentally friendly soap (and bleach only when necessary). 

#4 -My niece has started doing countdowns like her Dad and I do.  She doesn't know the numbers, but in a dramatic voices she said a sound (and I think she actually did five of them) and then jumped.

#5 - I've gone tango dancing with my sister-in-law a handful of times.  (She is really good.)  I never have the right shoes though.  When I go to the thrift store I'll glance around and today I found some.  They are not REAL tango shoes with tall skinny heals, but they have a little heal and when you are dancing tango you are supposed to be on your toes, so maybe it will help.   Or maybe at least it will motivate me to try again.

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