Thursday, January 9, 2014


#1 – “I’m looking forward to hearing more about his kids.” This was spoken by a friend of mine regarding a guy she is going to meet next week via online dating.

“Who the hell am I talking to?” I asked myself. This friend has previously stated, “I don’t know why these guys are contacting me! I clearly state on my profile that I don’t have children and I am not interested in having them!” That statement was said with conviction within the last year. It’s a little difficult to explain why this shift is beautiful to me. I am certainly supportive of my friend having either stance. I guess it's witnessing the simple lack of resistance, the simple opening.

#2 – She also received some Byron Katie homework from a mutual friend. The synchronicity of this a bit perplexing, I’ve known the name “Byron Katie” for over 10 years, but it was just last week that I became familiar with her. I was sick with a cold and ended up watching her youtube videos unceasingly.

#3 – I wanted to fit some exercise in my day so I took advantage of the Core Power chain’s one week of free yoga (if you’ve never been to Core Power). I really hesitated, because if I could get a free week I didn’t want to only use one day, but good God what was I saving it for? One free yoga class is better than none.

#4 – I won’t be near the location where I took that class in the next week, but later on I formulated a plan for getting in another class or two at their other locations.

#5 – We had our final night at this volunteer gig I’ve done once a month for what seems like a little while, but has actually been three years! It’s not really final, it’s just the whole set up is changing. I’ve really enjoyed the group of people I’ve worked with, and I think all of us were a little disappointed. It feels a little like 8th grade when you are being assigned a cabin on a school field trip, or 1st, 2nd or 3rd lunch hour. Will you get to be with your friends? Before I went tonight I thought, “I’ve really enjoyed this group of people, but maybe I’ll enjoy the new group just as much, or more.” And then we found out, at this point at least, our group is mostly staying together :).

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