Friday, January 17, 2014

Ask a Librarian

#1 - I felt ridiculous getting my photo taken with strangers, but I realized this was the perfect moment to employ my word of the year - SASSY. So I decided to be honest and when it was our turn I said something like, "I feel strange doing this." After which my friend said, "This is awesome!" A perfect follow up. She sent me the photo today and I just put it as my desktop because for some reason looking at it makes me laugh. (The band is Walk off the Earth - Red Hands is their song played on the radio.)

#2 - I spent some time researching on the computer today and it felt productive. I made an account on MNSure to look at my health insurance options (I at least got started), found a job to apply for, and did a little research on ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). I still don't understand ETFs at all but I requested money books from the library (ETFs for Dummies I think was one).

#3 - I feel grateful whenever I'm motivated to learn money things because it doesn't happen often! I heard Susie Orman recommend ETFs years ago. I like Susie Orman except that I never hear her talk about socially responsible investing. Anyway, there apparently are socially responsible ETFs now so maybe I can figure out what they are.

#4 - Have I mentioned recently how much I love the library? Today let me specify the specific library system where I live. If you live near me you may not realize that we are extremely blessed and take it for granted that everybody has such great libraries. Lest we think this is only my personal opinion I just looked it up and found Hennen's American Public Library Ratings. Ten libraries made it into all 10 editions and my system is listed as one in that top 10 (it is ranked based on population categories). Looks like Ohio rocks their libraries too.

#5 - "Patron: I have a cousin who is taking the HOBET - Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test in a little over a week. Does the library have anything that could help her prepare for that? I see books on ACT, but not HOBET."

This is the email I sent to our "Ask a Librarian" service today. I did my own search both on google and the library catalog and couldn't find anything. As usual, the librarian came through! Magic.

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