Sunday, January 26, 2014

Only Listen for Meditative Purposes

#1 - My guitar playing has steadily decreased over time to the point that maybe it's good I never bought one. We'll see. However this week I have a new song, How Do I Know, and this Sunday morning I was happy to spend time playing it.

#2 - I wanted to record it for here, but it is really a meditation/lullaby and the video seemed pointless. Then I found this border feature which just cracked me up.

#3 - I submitted an application for a job that truly interests me at my local farmers market.

#4 - The new shirt I'm wearing in the video - one of a few items a friend was getting rid of and asked me if I wanted.

#5 - Today is only the second game of the soccer session and I only have $18 left to collect from my team. When I was nominated to take over captain duties this was my primary concern. I strongly dislike reminding people to pay me (which often feels like nagging). It's funny because this is only my second session as captain, and I am already much less concerned about it. Along with that lack of concern, everyone has paid very promptly!

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