Sunday, February 2, 2014


#1 - When I arrived at my brother's today my niece climbed into my arms crying because she did not want to brush her teeth.  :)

#2 - I took her to a community center with an indoor playground.  She mostly wanted to run (race) back and forth in the hallway. 

#3 - At the top of the play structure she hesitantly reached out trying to determine if there was a hole.  She was concentrating with her whole body and reaching.  The clear plastic was curved out so she couldn't find it and didn't dare step forward.  (She also didn't think to kneel or lay down and reach.)

#4 -  We watched some high school girls playing hockey briefly.  Something I've known about for a while but haven't actually seen.

#5 - I was tired of some animosity in my family, feeling really drained by it.  Luckily my plans for the day included a hot yoga class followed by restorative (all relaxing) yoga.

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