Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To Market, To Market

I had a job interview this evening to work at my local farmer's market. I'm grateful for all the ways my day prepared me. This includes: a flexible work schedule so I wasn't thinking about the interview all day but still had time to feel prepared, an especially peaceful lunch time yoga class, leftover nourishing seitan, pepper and onion wraps for dinner, a quieting bath, listening to a little Eckhart Tolle, a little Jason Mraz (Three Things and Unfold), and a little Krishna Das, playing guitar, and encouraging notes from friends. Usually I don't tell many people when I apply or interview for a job. I prefer not to have to say, "No, I didn't get it," numerous times. But for whatever reason last night I started writing a friend or two messages about it and then I kept going, mostly to people that live far away and who I'm not regularly in contact with. Anyway, I felt supported today by unseen hands.

The interview was only .5 mile away so I planned to walk. The temp was around 10 degrees (-15 C) and I could hear the blustery wind that did not sound inviting. It was so perplexing though once I started walking because I could hear the wind but I didn't really feel it. I wondered if the big snow banks were shielding me. Regardless the walk was a great way to get out of my head. When I was asked "How are you with the outdoors?" I responded, "I walked here." (Which actually maybe wasn't the best answer because then people started commenting and got off tangent and I didn't get to mention that I camp etc.)

Oh well. Overall the interview went fine/well. There were a couple questions I would have liked to answer better. Organization for example. "Yes I'm really organized." Not so great. Actually my answer was better than that, but not a lot better.

So it goes.

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