Saturday, July 12, 2014

Roll Out

#1 - I'm trying to order some pen refills on Amazon. I've been dismayed that I can't find them at the store and I was finally getting around to order some, and I suppose this speaks to how little I shop online, but I have them in my "cart" and I can't figure out how to "checkout". It is driving me nuts and I'm getting so frustrated because I know this should be very simple! Anyway, I took a break to write this instead and now am breathing deeply and smiling instead of becoming stressed. Who knows what will happen when I go back to it though.

#2 - My main "junk" drawer where I throw things had gotten so bad that I had a bad dream about it last night. I guess that is what it took for me to take action and remedy the situation.

#3 - I'm planning the Health and Wellness day for the Farmer's Market. Last week I spoke to a woman and it came out that they would be interested in doing a square dancing demonstration. Perfect! I tried contacting her a couple times, but I didn't hear back. Today, she called and asked if the leader of the dancers had contacted me, not yet, but I did appreciate her follow-up.

#4  - Last night I volunteered for "Date Night Log Rolling".  Log rolling (a sport originating with lumberjacks balancing on a log on a river) is something that sounded fun.  I held the log as people stepped up and then tried to hold it a little bit while they steadied themselves.  I think I tried to help a little too much as the inside of my knees got scraped up and hurt when they rubbed against anything last night.  I guess I should have let people fall more.

Oh well, I was happy to support the couples doing something interesting for their date nights!  Today at the Farmer's Market I came across one of the couples again. :)

#5 - I'm reading Ashley Judd's All that Is Bitter & Sweet

The book is about her life, and her work as a global ambassador with Population Services International where she focuses on AIDS prevention, education and treatment. This quote is at the beginning of a chapter.

" What the eye sees better the heart feels more deeply.
We not only increase the likelihood of our being moved;
we also run the risks that being moved entails. Seeing increases our vulnerability to being recruited to the welfare of another."

Robert Kegan, The Evolving Self

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