Saturday, February 20, 2016

Art Shanties

#1 - Walking by one of those little free libraries my 4 year old niece said she wanted a book.

"Which one?"

"The pink one."

"This one?"


"This one?"

"No the pink one."

"Why don't I pick you up so you can show me."

"This pink one."

"Global Capitalism - The New Leviathan?"


"I don't think you want that one, it doesn't have any pictures." I hand it to her showing the pages of text.

"No I want it."

Not only did she want it but she carried it around the house all evening. "Where is my book?" she asked at one point and then had to go find it. As I read her a Dr. Seuss story in bed she had Global Capitalism open on her knees and is "reading" it by night light as I type this.

#2 - She, the sweet man, his daughters and I went to the art ice shanties. An ice house art project. The weather has taken an unseasonal warm turn recently so when we got there the ice shanties had been pulled off the lake and were closed. I checked the website yesterday and saw no note of it, and there were still cars etc. on the ice, but I guess they cancelled because of the melting. Anyway, I'm glad we didn't know this as we still all had a wonderful time. Beginning just as we walked along the edge of the lake in the puddles on the ice on the way to the shanties. We hadn't even arrived yet and were already having fun.

#3 - There was a see-saw/teeter/totter made for the event that that the kids (and us) played on a long time and was my niece's favorite part.

#4 - Also a bike powered polar bear that was chained up but still provided for lots of fun and imagination.

#5 - We finished reading The Neverending Story on the car ride to and from the shanties. We started that book way back during Thanksgiving and finally read the closing pages for Bastian Balthazar Bux on the drive today.

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