Friday, February 5, 2016


#1 - That was strange. I logged in to write this from a library and so I just used google to find my website and somehow one of the links just pulled up the images from my website - which looked quite gorgeous all there together, but then there would be an especially majestic image that clearly was not "mine". Anyway, I was struck by the overall beauty.

#2 - I did a 9K today on NATURAL snow because we got a welcome snow storm earlier in the week. This was a longer ski than I've ever done at this particular park. Since I joined an outdoors group, almost exactly two years ago now, I've done longer skis than I used to, so I was up for trying it. I did completely fine, so my confidence continues to increase.

#3 - I'm looking forward to a quiet evening, possibly reading Spinster : making a life of one's own by Kate Bolick. I heard a conversation with her on the Dear Sugar Podcast (by the way I highly recommend that podcast) and I liked what Bolick had to say.

"A single woman considers her life, the life of the bold single ladies who have gone before her, and the long arc of slowly changing attitudes towards women"--Provided by publisher.

#4 - I'm doing some cleaning at a historic old church where the yoga studio is temporarily holding classes while their space is remodeled. When I was there this week I kind of broke the vacuum. I was attempting to fix the vacuum as when you turned it on dust would spurt out the top. It clearly needed a new bag or something. This week I brought a vacuum from home so I could investigate the situation and clean up any mess from said investigation.

As I suspected the bag wasn't attached at all. After removing a few handful of disgustingness I tried to reattach the bag but it's an old vacuum and I really think the current bag is hopeless.

So that would be that, but when I tried to zip up the outer bag again, the zipper appeared to be broken/stuck. So now the vacuum can't be used at all as it would just shoot dust at the person vacuuming.

Anyway, I emailed the owner of the studio about my failed intervention, and as usual, she responded with grace and kindness.

#5 - My friend's knee surgery, though disheartening for her (the rehabilitation), seemed to go alright.

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