Thursday, March 31, 2016


#1 - I've been involved in a monthly volunteer gig for years now - not sure how many, at least five. It started out as a food shelf, then evolved, then evolved again. Now it is run like an old school co-op grocery. It happens to be only a couple miles away from where the sweet man lives, so today I walked to my volunteer shift for the first time.

#2 - Pretty yummi soda - Joia
Orange- Jasmine- Nutmeg which was a new product on the shelves of the grocery

#3 - Sweet man met me at the grocery store at the end of my shift. I often go over to his place afterwards since it is so close by, but this is the first time he has come to check it out, and buy some groceries. I sold him on the Joia soda.

#4 - I saw the list of chores that he printed on a spreadsheet for his kids. I asked him if he was open to comments on it and thankfully he said yes. I thought some of it was a bit complex. I asked him to start with what they already are responsible for that - enforce that consistently and then add a couple things. Keep it simple and achievable! He was receptive and agreed which means a lot to me.

#5 - A story in the Sun magazine about a guy who put garlic in his ear for an earache and then it got stuck which I read during lunch and they reread to the sweet man while he made dinner.

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