Tuesday, March 15, 2016


#1 - p.133 - I will not provide the details as to why I've listed p.133 as my #1 gratitude today because I do not want to give away anything that will lessen the impact of a genius piece of literature called Momo by Michael Ende. Maybe you are already familiar with this stunning piece of fiction as it was written over 40 years ago by the author of The Neverending Story. If you, like me, are a little late to this ball game let me assure you that this really is a book for "all ages". That does not merely mean ages 4 to 104, but rather 1973 to 2016. It again and again imbues me with a zeal of passion and recognition.

Is Michael Ende still alive? I just checked. No he is not. But on Wikipedia it says this, "He often expressed frustration over being perceived as a children's writer exclusively, considering that his purpose was to speak of cultural problems and spiritual wisdom to people of all ages." Amen Mr. Ende.

In fact I had this book with me on the last car ride I took with the man I am dating and his girls, but they had another audio book going and the mood in the vehicle didn't feel conducive to listening to me read, and...well, I wasn't sure this was a good book.

#2 - HOWEVER, all that has changed and I can assure you at the next opportunity - the four of us will all be listening to this story - myself for the second time - with eager enthusiasm.

I just checked if the library had any more books by Mr. Ende and there are two others, but one is in German and the other in Chinese. Momo will have to suffice for now. Momo!

I have not felt this passionate for a while. God bless the soul of this man.

#3 - I will be picking up the sweet man's children at school today. I did this once before, but it was during winter break, so this will be the first time during more "normal" life. If I haven't settled down by that point they are going to hear an earful of Momo enthusiasm. The oldest has some sort of jump roping performance tonight and when I talked to the sweet man last night about his plan for pick-up, dinner, and the performance it didn't sound like it was going to work very well. So I am happy to be able to step in and assist.

#4 - Usually I wait to post my gratitudes until later in the day, but I was so excited about Momo, which I was reading during lunch, that I couldn't wait to express my enthusiasm.

May we all find such fires for our souls.

May the warmth of people such as Mr. Ende and Mr. Rogers (below) keep us toasty.

May such presences never be short in our lives.

May we continue to drink from such cups that we may all be filled.

May the words of blessing pour through us.



#5 - Sweet, sweet, sweet


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