Monday, May 2, 2016

Breaking Free

#1 – I answered the phone during work and couldn't place who it was at first because it didn't fit that time of day. The man I'm dating said he wanted to hear my voice, though there ended up being mostly silence on the line. He and I had a tough past few days.

#2 – Taking time during work to receive that 15 minute phone call, and also to stop and write two long poems – because I can.

#3 – We might all go to laughter yoga tomorrow. I’ve wanted to go with him and his kids for a year or so but haven’t gotten around to it. It is once a month, but I wasn’t going to mention it this time because I thought there was enough going on already. But considering the past few days I thought some intentional laughter would be good for us, and he agreed.

#4 - "I would like to see you this weekend and hope that we can spend some time together before our May schedules get busy. No pressure, I'll understand if you are not up for it yet."

#5 - Walking over to my community education exercise class an hour early so I could lay in the grass and sun and write.

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