Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Murphy Lake at Murphy Hanrehan Park
Courtesy of Michael

#1 - The owner where I take yoga thanked me for coming to laughter yoga last week and said Michael and I make a "beautiful couple".

#2 - My friend sent me this diverse books for middle school readers list a little over a year ago.


I finally got around to adding these books to my library request list.

#3 - Which made me read the rest of that email chain which was about the first time Michael and his kids got together with my brother's family, a friend's child and I, and how well it went. I wrote, "I had wondered about bringing all these kids camping - whether they would play together ages 3, 5, 6 and 10 but they got along great. It felt so natural and easy."

That camping trip didn't happen last year, but it is planned for this summer.

#4 - I led an informal yoga session at one of the cross-country ski weekends last winter in the outdoor group where I met Michael. This group also has a weekly meeting and the guy who schedules them emailed me to ask if I knew someone, or would be the someone, to lead yoga at one because the person he had lined up to do it cancelled. I replied asking about payment saying I could probably find a teacher where I do yoga, or I could do something informal for free, but I'm not a yoga teacher.

He said they don't pay for presentations and that if I wanted to do it that would work. The original write up said, "Ever wondered how you can be less sore after a hard day of climbing, hiking, biking or paddling? Sheila ____, founder and owner of ____ Yoga Studio, will show us the best yoga poses and stretches to do before and after vigorous exercise. Bring a mat or blanket."

Well this description stressed me out a little because I don't know the "best poses or stretches". I offered a couple alternative descriptions and this is what came out.

"Yoga is a great way to take a break and get energized for the next leg of a long hike, bike ride or paddle. It can be done in the outdoors without any equipment - a mat is truly optional. You probably know that yoga increases balance, flexibility, and strength, but did you also know it protects the spine, cartilage and joints so we can continue to pursue an active lifestyle?

Tammy will lead us in some yoga poses and stretches."

#5 - And going back to #1. The reason we were at laughter yoga in the first place was because we were having a rough time, so the fact that we had a good hike together on Friday will not be taken for granted.


  1. You do a lot of wonderful things and I like your approach on what you do and on life.

    Also, I think you have evolved a lot since you started writing this blog, which is normal because we started following each other years ago. It's been a steady evolution, from the first post til now.
    And it is beautiful and interesting to see how, while you keep evolving in the same direction and have always remained true to yourself and to your interests and beliefs, since you've known Michael, your evolution is no longer only straigth forward, it has also become also much richer and larger.
    As if it fills you up, as if you are more complete now.
    It is rather impressive to see, I must say.

    So yes, I too think you are a beautiful couple.
    Rough times don't matter if you come out of them without grudges. They will enrichen you even more and will make your history thicker and stronger.


  2. ... not only that you seem more complete... but also much more alive.