Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bonobo Handshake

#2016 - Bonobo - ever heard of them? According to Vanessa Woods, Microsoft Word spellchecker hasn't, I just verified this fact. They are a great ape, one of the two species in the genus Pan. Chimpanzees are the other. The two of them are the closest living links to humans. As Woods explains there are at least ten field sites in Africa where chimpanzees have been studied for 20+ years, along with a 1,000 chimps in American labs. There is one field site where bonobos have been studied long-term.

Unlike chimps, bonobos are female dominated, are much less violent and have sex for fun. Is this sounding a little familiar by now? Which species have we chosen to study extensively? (Even though they are both related to us equally.) The more violent and male-dominated one. In fact most of us haven't even heard of the one run by the females. This book had me on page #1.

#2017 - I don't know much about chimpanzees, but apparently a grown male and juvenile male chimp wouldn't even be in the same room together, or one would at least be cowering in the corner. A grown male bonobo and a juvenile will share food together (67).

#2018 - This book is also giving me a primer on politics in the Congo region.

#2019 - Divine Distraction
- I didn't even notice it was happening, but finally after the third unplanned event came up I realized there might be some divine distraction going on. Otherwise I would probably be in more of a state of waiting/wondering if I will hear back in relation to gratitude #1888.

#2020 - My Dad being one of those distractions, asking if my brother, sister-in-law and I want to go to Riverdance tonight. In fact that has been something that has appealed to me for years, which I've never mentioned, and I saw the marquee for it downtown last week. I told my Dad and he said, "Shows you better be careful for what you wish for because you just might get it.".

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  1. I remember thinking RiverDance was really loud. That was very much before I went to Ireland. But I'm not certain how "Irish" RiverDance really is. . .