Monday, March 28, 2011

Jill's Sky

#2061 - A nourishing piece of writing my friend Jill sent about the sky

#2062 - My brother was playing chess with his friend. Later his friend was, I don't know how to explain this, his friend has some famous chess games memorized. So he was re-enacting a famous chess game for my brother showing him the moves each player made by memory!

#2063 - I was asked today if they were making a movie about my life, who would I pick as the actor to play me. At first I had no ideas and really wasn't interested in the question, but then I arrived on my person, and now I am excited about it - Ashley Judd.

#2064 - Okay let's just be straight here, I am in complete support of Jason Mraz's engagement to Tristen Prettyman. And I still have to say, I just read this post and I frickin love this man! It begins speaking really seriously about the world, in a way I appreciate, and ends by making me laugh. I love people who do not turn away from the world, and yet still summon joy.

#2065 - Seeing these qualities in Mr. Mraz reminds me I have them in myself.

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