Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gratitudes aren't always Uplifting

#2001 - Being real with how I feel right now. I certainly have things to be grateful for today, but right now I was just reading about the nuclear situation in Japan and I just feel a deep sadness.

#2002 - Having methods to soothe me. Last night I watched The Rachel Maddow show right before bed about the nuclear situation too. She did an excellent explanation of what is going on in the reactors for us lay people. Anyway, I had to play the guitar before bed to relax and not be so worried, so tonight I'll probably try that as well.

#2003 - My alarm was actually a blessing this morning as it woke me from a bad dream about firecrackers that were exploding/out of control (kind of like the fuel rods I suppose).

#2004 - This might seem strange to say, but I'm grateful to know this situation, in itself, will change nothing. Since the Three Mile Island meltdown in '79, there hasn't been a new nuclear plant commissioned in the U.S. (though many under construction at the time were completed.) But now it is 30 years later and the nuclear industry is experiencing a revival. So yes, there will be a backlash for a while, but I don't have any illusions that this will lead to a long-term change.

#2005 - However, I do believe we can change and progress and evolve. And I can't quite put words yet to how this happens, but I've seen it and there is a place inside of me that trusts.

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