Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Year in Gratitude

#1826 - This is the one year anniversary to my gratitude experiment. I am grateful that I made it this long, more or less easily propelled to the task by the original impulse that brought me here.

#1827 - My friend Jill for suggesting I blog. My response at the time was, "Whatever would I write?" And then a month or two later the answer was given. Maybe this is how a book will come someday. "Whatever could I write for a whole book?" I think. But maybe this is an example. I would have said the same thing about writing anything authentic everyday for a year.

#1828 - I've had this stance in recent years that, "The News," should be called, "The Bad News." How do we, as a society start to pay attention to the good as much as the bad? How do we find a balance where, "The News" will actually be an accurate description? I don't know, but I guess like everything it might begin in my own life. Right now I'm not really feeling grateful, well actually I wasn't when I started writing this, and yet I am already feeling more positive. This is my assignment, here I am and as I do it, its gifts come back to me.

#1829 - Writing something 362 days of the last year!! (I never forgot my gratitudes completely. However there were 2-3 days when I was about to fall asleep and I remembered. On those days I made the list in my head and then wrote them down in the morning.)

#1830 - My numbering is correct. I just did the math 365x5=1825. I figured it might have really gotten messed up at some point. I was hesitant to check and didn't want to put the effort into it, today it is easy though and it's right!

[For the few people who may read this regularly. I plan on switching my gratitude blog posts to every third day. A little more confusing for me to keep track of, but it feels appropriate at this point in time. Thanks!]


  1. Isn't it funny. . . I can think of quite a list of things you could write about. They are things that others have probably written about. But others don't have your voice. And that's why the stories would always be new.

  2. And I'm grateful for your year of gratitude :)