Sunday, February 27, 2011


#1816 - Having someone who was willing to walk around Lake of the Isles with me twice on a February day.

#1817 - While listening to Jacqueline Ultan play the cello tonight, the point at which I stopped thinking about things and was just absorbing.

#1818 - The point at which my breathing became deep and even while listening to the cello.

#1819 - The moment when the person next to me and I both simultaneously let out a deep exhale.

#1820 - Conversation between a friend's 9 yr old and I -

"I don't get why my Dad keeps a frisbee in the house when I can't use it." Tatia

"Where should he keep the frisbee - in the garage?" Me

"Well, no but I just find it irresistible." Tatia

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