Wednesday, February 23, 2011


#1796 - I was kind of complaining about the blandness of some tofu mushroom stroganoff I made. My brother heard me and suggested I add some stroganoff (apparently he thought I was eating plain rice.) This is the amazing thing about my brother. When you cook him food he is pretty much always grateful. Really it is quite remarkable.

#1797 - Dear Pyongyang - a film I was drawn into because my brother was watching it. It was a really simple documentary about a Korean-Japanese family and the dynamic of their national loyalties etc. It was beautiful.

#1798 - Womenfolk - this show is on for two hours a week on a community radio station. I never remember to listen when it is playing, but recently I've started listening to it later on-line. Today I heard at least three new artists that I enjoyed: Eddie from Ohio, The Ericksons and Brianna Lane.

#1799 - The library had a Brianna Lane CD which I requested.

#1800 - Womenfolk is going to have Carrie Elkin on next week (I heard her at a music festival last August and really enjoyed it). I look forward to hearing her next week and maybe going to see her at the cafe where she will be playing.

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