Thursday, February 17, 2011

Worry and Trust

#1766 - Were these signs created by an atheist?

What would a sign by a Hindu or Buddhist say? "Dead Again"?

Or a born again Christian? "Dead Division"?

You may not find any of this funny, but I was cracking myself up.

#1767 - As soon as I took the aforementioned photo a man came out of the house next to it. I quickly put my camera away, and hoped he didn't ask me about why I was taking a photo near his house.

(I once was taking a picture of a bike rack at the co-op and a guy came up to me and asked, "Can I help you?"

"No, thanks I'm fine." Then I kept on and he said something, obviously angry, asked what I was doing or something. Then I replied, "Oh, I'm just happy to see all these people riding their bikes." I never did figure out why he thought taking a picture of his bike was threatening...")

Anyway, the man was walking to his car and asked, "Are you taking pictures of scenery?" (It was a foggy gray day with melting snow and lots of dirt and no scenery I could see.)

"No, of a sign for an art project," (I didn't want to get into the religious dead end discussion.)

"If you stand up there you can photograph the fog rising off the snow, over by the cemetery too, you can see it there." I looked and could see a little, but I wasn't appreciating it like he was.

"I don't think my camera is good enough for that." I said.

"I'm going to the park to take photos right now."

"Of the fog off the snow?"

"Yes, there are lots of things to see if people would JUST TAKE THE TIME TO SEE THEM."

#1768 - Receiving a check in the mail written on Valentine's Day

#1769 - Hawaii is about to join Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and DC in granting same-sex Marriages.

#1770 - I read this yesterday, but my gratitude will be remembering to share it. I love it!

Stephanie wrote -

"When someone is preoccupied or worried for someone else, we usually see that as a good, selfless, caring thing.

But really, when you are worried about someone, what you really say is:

"I'm afraid. I don't trust that this situation will turn out right. I don't trust you made the right choice. I don't trust that you will make it. I don't trust that you are strong enough."

Briefly: "I don't trust you.""

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  1. First of all, the dead end made me laugh too.
    Secondly, it's conversations like with the foggy snow-man that are like little pearls brightening up some of our days, thanks for sharing it.