Monday, February 21, 2011

The Ahhhh Breath

#1786 - You know I wasn't very happy about all the snow melting last week. We've still got a while before it's warm outside and until it is, I'm not enticed to be outside if there isn't snow. Now there is plenty.

#1787 - I had a great time at the indoor park with my friend's baby last week. I decided to call and see if I could schedule another visit. I thought about saying we (the baby and I) both wanted to go to the park again, but I held back because I don't like the idea of speaking for other people, even jokingly. I did say that we both had a good time. "I guess!" she replied, "He keeps saying 'Ammy' and 'gym'."

#1788 - Being told what someone else wants, but then being acknowledged that what I want might be different

#1789 - The Two Libyan Fighter Pilots that when ordered to Bomb their own People, Flew to Malta instead seeking Political Asylum

Isn't it strange to say that it took immense courage to not bomb their own people? (That it's not the obvious choice?) Isn't even stranger to say that some people are our "own" people and some people are not?

#1790 - The Ahhh Breath - A Stephen Levine exercise that I haven't tried yet, but think sounds beautiful. One person lays down in a relaxed position (like corpse pose in yoga), the other sits beside lined up with their stomach. The two people take a few breaths together.

Then, the person laying down completely relaxes. That is all he/she does.

The sitting person starts to match his/her breathing to the one laying down saying, "Aaahhh" with each exhale. They do this for 20-40 minutes.

"In a workshop recently, after doing the Ah Breath Bonding Meditation, a woman came to us in tears saying, "I have been married for nine years, but here in this room with five hundred people under the most ridiculous circumstances, doing this meditation is the closest we have ever been (84-85)." Embracing the Beloved by Stephen and Ondrea Levine

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  1. I like the reflection on the 'own people'. Very much.