Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today's Easy

#1746 - There is a pond less than one mile from my house that I noticed a year or two ago had a path cleared for skating. I didn't think the city cleared it, but I didn't know. I tried skating on it once last year, but I was alone and scared (I'm cautious about frozen bodies of water and I think it had thawed some the previous week, so I didn't explore much.) Today I finally tried again.

It was a gorgeous day and after the cold of Dec/Jan I felt completely safe. Usually when skating alone I get bored after 15 minutes. However, this was not a loop on an ice rink, it was a path that went at least a few blocks and then circled a small island in back. I had so much fun I skated for almost an hour.

#1747 - It was right as I completed the loop that my question about who clears all this ice was answered. There was a plowed path up someone's backyard to what looked like a ride-on lawn mower with a plow on front. Clearing all that ice with that small vehicle would take quite a while! I decided (and I think in part thanks to doing this blog I had the idea) to write a thank-you card to these people.

#1748 - Human Body - It makes perfect sense to me that people's bodies adjust to temperatures. What doesn't make sense to me is the fact that I spend 95% of my time in 68 degrees, and yet MY BODY STILL ADJUSTS. Yes of course 40 degrees feels cold in the fall after a summer of warmth. But why does 40 degrees feel balmy today when I SPEND 95% OF MY TIME IN 68? Our bodies are so smart!!

#1749 - Telling the last story, the Epilogue, in Jorge Bucay's Dejame que te Cuente to my brother and sister-in-law and then us discussing the meaning of it afterwards.

#1750 - There is a Celtic service once a month that I really enjoy. During the service they interweave beautiful poetry readings. I've thought that I would enjoy being the reader, but I figured they practiced sometime during the week. I already sometimes don't go to the service because it isn't nearby, so I didn't want to drive across town for a practice too. I've been going for at least three years, and for whatever reason (Lisa, my positive day, who knows...) I felt motivated today to ask when they practice. The answer, "before the service," no extra drive required. I filled out the slip to volunteer.

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  1. :) I'm sorry I missed the service tonight - I had planned to go. I got a flat tire today and was waiting for roadside assistance to come put on my spare. Luckily I was at home. I'm happy you submitted your name to volunteer!