Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thai Fortune

#1706 - The message in my Thai Fortune Cookie

#1707 - Right before going to the restaurant I was hungry, and probably would have been impatient, if I were not practicing guitar.

#1708 - The smile on a woman's face who was cross-country skiing. It reminded me of the smile of my freshman roommate in college - pure and genuine.

#1709 - Right after thinking this I stopped to rest and she started talking to me. She said was a little afraid because she hadn't skied in years. She used to compete, but that was 1/2 a lifetime ago. I told her it certainly looked like she was having fun (and as I watched her head off I could see how naturally it came backed to her, it was beautiful.)

#1710 - This brief interaction infused the rest of my ski with a bit of joy.

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  1. What a great fortune and gratitude about the simple joys!