Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Question of the Day

#1726 - I was in a bad mood earlier today. Who knows why, but I was blaming it on nothing really changing. At some point later I picked up the guitar and started playing/singing/praying the songs from the last Taize service I went to. It was during one of these prayers that I received a phone call, I have an interview for a job I am really interested in.

#1727 - I went back to the guitar and sang those prayers again.

#1728 - There are some errors on the data entry I am doing that are going to take (feels like) forever to fix, and that is ok, or at least since I have only begun fixing them, at the moment it's ok.

#1729 - Cherries, Bananas, Black Raspberries, Pineapple/Coconut Juice, Strawberry Greek Yogurt and Flax Seed Smoothie

#1730 - And now what you are all waiting for - my QUESTION OF THE DAY. This is inspired by the fact that if I could choose anyone in the world to come to Minneapolis, I would choose the Dalai Lama. And he is coming. So my question is - "If you could choose anyone (currently alive) to come to where you live for a public event - whether it be a musician, speaker, politician, writer, artist, magician, whatever...who would you choose?"

This is my top of the head list (which is absent any women unfortunately):

#1 - Dalai Lama
#2 - Cory Booker (mayor of Newark, NJ)
#3 - Krishna Das (musician)
#4 - Echhart Tolle (writer)

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  1. Mine is Elizabeth Gilbert - just because I'm thinking about her because she will be speaking in Burnsville on Friday night! I'm going to try to get in.