Friday, March 25, 2011


#2046 - I would never major in finance, and in general don't find money stuff interesting. However, about once a year I spend some time on it. Today, because I don't have anything else to do, I ended up doing just that. It's hard for me to get into, but once I do I actually enjoy it. (I've felt that way about doing taxes before too.)

#2047 - I'm grateful that I have listened to my instincts on investments.

#2048 - I'm grateful for websites such as
This is a link to socially responsible funds ranked by performance. It's a good starting point for looking. Maybe if you are having an uneventful evening too, you will get bored enough to look at it. Who knows, maybe you'll start to enjoy it too.

#2049 - Telling my cousin Ashley on the phone that I explored the indoor playground the last time I brought my friend's baby there and it was really fun! (Usually we just stay on the bottom/baby level.) She could hear my excitement, and suddenly really wanted to go too.

#2050 - When I spilled a bunch of yogurt today (I was trying to just pour it from the container) it landed on the cutting board so I still ate it. And it was white, and I was wearing a white shirt, so the bit that splattered on me didn't matter.

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