Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Four People and a Dinner Party

A friend sent an email a while back asking people to send her an old T-shirt, she would turn it into something we could use. I received a small package today, I figured the T-shirt would be transformed inside, I hoped there would be a letter too, and there was.


Little Things by Mary Everest - a song that made me stop what I was doing and listen.


The library has Mary Everest's CD so I will be able to listen to it again.


"I know why you and your brother are siblings."


"Because of the things you expose each other to." This is what my friend said after I told her about Bonobo Handshake. (She asked how I heard about the book - my brother).

My latest interesting question (well it's not my question at all), but the one that I'm really enjoying asking right now.

"If you could invite any four living people to a dinner party who would you invite?"

My dinner party has

#1 - Jason Mraz
#2 - Eckhart Tolle
#3 - Vanessa Woods
#4 - Laura
#5 - Me

I know Jason has already met Eckhart and they would have both a humorous and spiritual/deep conversation. Then we would all be interested in discussing bonobos with Vanessa and the positive traits they reflect on humanity. And I'd have my friend Laura there to join in and be able to continue the conversation with her after it ends. This is already so much fun even in my head!

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  1. ok and we'll give you a purse with a hidden camera so I can follow the whole conversation from here, all right?