Friday, April 15, 2011


#2151 - Bad Dream to Good Dream - Early this morning I had a bad dream where I am pretty sure my physical body was actually crying. (I think this is actually healthy/good sometimes, I figure I have some emotion I need to let out so my dream life takes care of it.)

In the dream some woman (well actually a woman from high school that I never personally had a problem with but anyway) was verbally assaulting me, but only when no one else was around or listening. We were sitting in desks (outside - not really in school) and my teacher was my kindergarten teacher. (I'm sure all this has some sort of meaning). Finally, I asked my teacher if there was some sort of counselor the abusive woman and I could talk to. Nope.

Then everyone was leaving for a field (?) trip of sorts. I wasn't a part of it, so it would leave me alone/vulnerable. Some guy/man volunteered to stay with me. So like children, though I still do this, we laid on our stomachs next to one another with our papers and started doing our homework. I felt safe, happy and loved. I woke up with this feeling.

#2152 - When I awoke for the day, I still had the wonderful feeling with me.

#2153 - I'm trying to psyche myself up to bike to the yoga studio to clean. It is windy out though (I'm not a fan of biking in the wind), and it's kind of cold. I'm grateful that this is about as serious of a debate/decision as I am likely to make today.

#2154 - Receiving a letter in the mail saying that the letter I'd sent was a "page turner" :)

#2155 - Resisting the blister. I resisted popping a couple blisters on my feet for at least two weeks. (I just gave into one, but it was pretty much gone.)

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