Thursday, April 21, 2011


#2181 - I took everything off my walls and moved my furniture either to the center or out of my bedroom. My painting project has begun.

#2182 - I reflected that this will be the third time I've painted a bedroom. The first when I was 15 - Creme, then 27 - Bright Yellow and Bright Green, now - "Buffy Orange"

#2183 - I am sure #2182 means something, but what it means I don't know yet.

#2184 - I never thought my "Minnesota friends" would be into Kirtan, but I bought tickets today for myself and four friends to see Krishna Das. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever gotten tickets for four friends to go see/hear anything.

#2185 - A friend's four year old, who was bouncing around the room and full of attention getting energy, sat still and listened while I sang and played one of my songs on the guitar. I actually didn't even realize this until now sitting here. I hesitated to play a song for her mother because I knew I would be interrupted, but I wasn't - at all.

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