Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me

#1221 - At 2pm I was unsure what to do with myself. So I decided to write a card in response to the one I received over the holidays from my host family in college - finally!

#1222 - I looked through my photo album to see if I had a photo I could send them. I looked quite a while for the digital version, but didn't seem to have it anymore, it was not anywhere. I was about to give up, and then I found it.

#1223 - I really enjoy listening to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on public radio on Saturdays. My favorite part of the show is when they list three news stories (crazy sounding news stories) and you have to guess which one is correct. Today was the first time I'd actually heard the news story and therefore knew the correct answer. (It was about a girl in Southern Germany who wanted a horse to jump. Her parents wouldn't but here a horse, but they had cows and so the girls started training one of the cows to ride/jump :)

#1224 - I read in the Oprah magazine a while back an interview with her (Oprah). Apparently she was depressed after the movie Beloved came out because it wasn't a commercial success. Someone told her that if she wanted it to be a commercial success she would have made a different movie, and upon reflection she agreed. Anyway, this interaction and the fact that I remember really enjoying the reading Beloved in college (but can't remember it at all) made me request the movie from the library. The first time I didn't watch it before it was due, but unless something comes up I plan to tonight. I suppose it is dangerous to have expectations, but I am pretty sure I will like it.

#1225 - One of my last impulses of 2010 was to join EHarmony (this is a test to see if any friends I have not mentioned this to read my blog :). Anyway, one of the items is "the last book you read and enjoyed." I updated it to Bonobo Handshake today which makes me happy because I want to spread the word on the Bonobos :)

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