Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No More Border

Rumi is my favorite poet, and my favorite versions of Rumi's poetry are written by Coleman Barks. A few years back I met someone who was a student of Barks' classes in college. My friend said that when Barks read your poem, he put so much into it that something you hardly cared about sounded extraordinary.

I had a smaller version of this today volunteering/visiting an elementary school where I used to work. I was sent into a second grade during reading. They break up into four small groups so the teacher can work with one group at a time. The other three groups had a rotation of assignments, one of which happened to be writing a nature poem. Watching the kids work, I am pretty doubtful more than one, two (or maybe any) of them would have written a poem without me encouraging them. After I helped the first two though (and then in an excited voice read the product out loud to the class), most of the kids wanted to write a poem and especially wanted their poem read out loud.


So this was a gratitude yesterday, but I can extend it specific to today. Yesterday I did something I've wanted to do for more than two years. I thought it would be a hassle/time consuming/require renting equipment. Three things inspired it:

#1 - The day before I'd been at friends' house where they were painting a bunch of rooms (adding color) all in one day and it was inspiring.

#2 - We were having some change done to our internet, so I couldn't do my data entry work.

#3 - I asked a friend on the phone if she'd ever removed a border and she said she got wallpaper off with a squirt bottle with dish soap, water and a little scraping. I tried it and it was surprisingly easy! I could say I can't believe I put up with something I detested for so long when it was that simple, but instead I'll just be grateful.

Anyway, I already used that yesterday, however today I can say how enjoyable it was to return to my bedroom without the 1992 flower border!

So both my Dad and Jason Mraz think the Decorah Eagles are really cool. I think it is really cool that I originally checked them out because me Dad sent the link and today did a second time because Jason posted it :)

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