Monday, April 18, 2011

Paint Samples

#2166 - So my bedroom border is I'm thinking new paint. What I know is that I want something warm. I have this dark green carpet to work with. I'm thinking some version of orange. The store where I last bought no VOC paint no longer sells it, so these aren't the right samples, but in the ballpark of my color range. I'm grateful to feel energy towards this project.

#2167 - Someone sent me an email to clarify something he'd said, I smiled because usually I am the one doing that.

#2168 - Feeling less intimidated by "really coolness." I found out a friend (who already has done a million cool things) is right now training to be a white water river rafting guide. I know there were times in my life when I would have felt envious or intimidated by all the cool things she does, now I just laugh.

#2169 - Sweet song, Prettiest Friend, on Mraz's blog

#2170 - On February 9th I posted my list of the people I would be most excited about coming to town because my #1 - the Dalai Lama was coming.

Today I found out #3 - Krishna Das (musician), is coming one month later - June 22nd. A perfect summer solstice event!


  1. I'm not kidding - but on my computer screen, those paint samples look more GOLD than orange :)

  2. hmmm actually something gold-like may be more a little softer than orange, not bad ;)

    And I was touched by Jason Mraz's post too.

    I like this post, I like every point of it.
    Hah I like your blog, can never say it enough, I like it!