Saturday, April 30, 2011

#2226 - This SKY

#2227 - I have had a letter I've been meaning to write for over a week. Today I woke up at 8am and just started writing. For me, it wasn't a long letter, yet I still wrote for an hour.

#2228 - The excitement I heard in my own voice while telling a friend about how embody, my word of the year, has manifested for me this month.

#2229 - On wed my computer (which is actually my father's old computer which he had "for spare parts") apparently had a dramatic death. I say apparently because I've been afraid to even try turning it on again. Tonight my brother spent at least an hour with me looking at computers online and being helpful.

#2230 - These juices (my favorite) were on sale, this is a Tammy splurge, serious wealth. Besides selecting some old favorites, pear nectar, I ventured into the new world of cherry.

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