Saturday, July 17, 2010

34 things

#691 -
As soon as my friend Jill arrived this afternoon it started to rain a little (which would be ok), then thunder (which would not). So we talked a little and I played her songs on the guitar.... Then we tried to go to the lake, but it started lightning so we turned back.... Then we made a salad and ate dinner...The whole reason Jill came over today was to Kayak, but Not Once Did Jill Complain about the Fact that She Might Not Be Able To. I watched and waited for it to come, but nope she just Enjoyed Herself.

#692 - Which is why I think it worked out and We Were Able to Fit it In Between Two Storms

#693 - Helping Jill Complete one of her List of 34 things to do in her 34th year

#694 - A week or two ago I wrote a song in anger. I was surprised that it didn't come out angry, the writing transformed my emotion. One friend called it melancholy. I've changed the music a little since and today Jill called it relaxing. So now the Song I Wrote in Anger is Closer to a Lullaby

#695 - The opening to The Latehomecomer - A Hmong Family Memoir by Kao Kalia Yang -

"Before Babies are Born They Live in the Sky Where They Fly Among the Clouds. The Sky is a Happy Place and Calling Babies Down to Earth is not an Easy Thing to do. From the Sky, Babies can see the Course of Human Lives..."


  1. :) another book I'll have to read...

  2. And it didn't cross my mind to complain. . . just that I might have to take a raincheck (literally) :) Thanks!